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Contract DIR-SDD-2231
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Products sold under this contract by RSI listed above have a 1 year limited warranty.
The warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship of the RSI sold products, and is limited to the repair or replacement of the RSI sold products. In its sole discretion, RSI may (a) repair the RSI sold products or; (b) replace the RSI sold products with new RSI sold products of the same model, or (c) replace the RSI sold products with new RSI sold products of the similar specification, in circumstances where the same RSI sold products are no longer available, or the repair of the RSI sold products is not possible or not economically viable.
The warranty does not cover any of the following: damage caused by the user; spillages or moisture; neglect, abuse or misuse, including but not limited to the failure to use the RSI sold products for their normal purpose in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for usage, failure to properly maintain the RSI sold products in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and/or the failure to use the RSI sold products in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications; normal wear and tear; use of the RSI sold products with incompatible or faulty equipment; unauthorised modifications; repairs conducted by unauthorised persons or service centers; the model and/or serial number of the RSI sold products being altered, removed or made illegible; accidents; or acts of god or any cause beyond the control of RSI.Global Communications Group

RSI Global Communications Group, proudly provides the following vendors whom offer the highest quality in goods and services.
Blueline Technology specializes in providing custom, open-architecture for processing, automating, archiving and managing data. One of our key selling points with our clients is our ability to create a customized plan, designed specifically for that client, no matter how big or small. We look forward to providing a data solution for your company, and we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our satisfied customers
Carlson Wireless offers fixed wireless microwave and UHF digital radio systems for rural broadband, backhaul and leased line replacement.
RSI provides design, engineering, integration, service and manufacturing of the MWAP solar powered platform that can be installed on a pad or trailer that can be used for unattended WiFi, or satellite repeaters and fractional bandwith, or its self-contained modular satellite uplink platform that can be installed on a pad or trailer. Fractional satellite bandwidth available.
Radio Systems International Broadcast Radio and Television transmitters, exciters and antennas.  We can provide, low power high power, tube and solid state, analog and digital equipment
Surveillance solutions provide secure, wireless, video & data communications systems, for worldwide law enforcement and public safety operations Vislink plays a critical role in supplying systems for military, public safety and satellite telecommunications worldwide. Provides complete solutions to support interagency sharing and cooperation of mission critical real-time video surveillance on the ground, on the water and in the air. 
Co-op Contracts is a cooperative purchasing program for technology products and services operated by DIR on behalf of the state of Texas. All the procurement work has already been done for you: vendors have responded and been awarded contracts through a competitive bid process and deeply discounted prices have been negotiated. Learn more about our contracting process.

Out-of-state public entities are welcome to purchase from us (see Section 2054.0565 of the Texas Government Code). We rely on the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Section 791.025 to document these transactions.

HUB Contractor
Synergy Electronics, Inc.
State of Texas HUB #81700
For information contact: Jim Warden, Vice President, Sales
(325) 388-8529  fax (325) 388-8450 

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